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Yum! Restaurants International looks forward to welcoming you into our family of Global Franchise Partners - a family we're very proud of!

Though requirements for a candidate to become a Global Franchise Partner may vary somewhat from country, asset type or brand to another, the type of franchise partner we are looking for does not. We are searching for someone:

  • Who is passionate about their work.
  • Who is a "Customer Maniac": Someone that understands that success comes from putting the customer first.
  • Who is ambitious and driven, and who has the vision and desire to succeed.
  • Who has professional managerial experience - preferably in the service industry (whether in the distribution, commercial or financial area), with the necessary skills to successfully operate, manage and grow a restaurant business.
  • Who is prepared to bring sufficient capital to purchase or lease the land, building, furniture, fixtures and equipment necessary for the restaurant (please note that our financial resource requirements vary from country to country).

What you will get:

  • Training:
    You and your senior team will be required to attend a 12 to 16 week training session at either one of our training centers or selected restaurants.
  • International Franchise Agreement:
    Our franchise agreement grants the revocable right to use our trademarks, logos, our system and system property of the brand at the agreed upon location. For that privilege, you will be expected to pay an initial fee, as well as a monthly royalty fee and an ongoing marketing contribution - both of which are based on the restaurant's gross sales.
  • Our YRI Global Franchise Partnering System


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We continue to show the power of our global portfolio of leading restaurant brands, including KFC and Pizza Hut, fueled by continued profitable international expansion. Our international business is one of the key factors that makes us truly unique in the restaurant industry.